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Property Manager / 
Rental management

For over twenty years, our company has specialized in rental management, regardless of its size. Beyond the financial return that underpins our actions, our mission also involves enhancing your estate by improving its appeal with modern amenities.

Real Estate Co-ownership Trustee

Our philosophy is simple:

"The role of a co-ownership trustee must be carried out with care by responsible specialists who are committed to providing you with the best possible service."

To this end, we carefully select the future managers responsible for our co-ownerships, retaining only the best. As this profession is constantly evolving, we place great emphasis on the continuous training of our building managers. We take pride in ensuring that you are only served by IPI-registered real estate agents or trainees in real estate training at the EFP.

Although managing a building requires legal, accounting, and technical knowledge, we also rely on our strong human qualities such as care, listening, common sense, empathy, and excellence to provide you with genuine service.

We are attentive to our co-ownerships, regardless of their size, and ensure they are meticulously managed. Our managers are always available and accessible. We focus on their job satisfaction and make sure they are never overwhelmed by too many co-ownerships to manage.

The complete satisfaction of the co-owner is the only policy of our company.

Above all, we want to be your main partner, advising you on the various choices the co-ownership will face.

Real Estate Brokerage /
Sale /

We provide our expertise to best enhance your estate.

In short, our goal is not to obtain a mandate at any cost, but to lay the groundwork for a long-term relationship through successive real estate transactions.

Construction Management

Regardless of your renovation project, we allow you to have a single point of contact with the various trades involved. We take care of obtaining comparative estimates from top-notch partners, setting up schedules, regularly monitoring the site as the delegated project manager, with the aim of optimizing your estate and complying with current legislation. We provide transparent information as the project progresses and compile the subsequent intervention file (DIU) that will be handed over to you at the end of the assignment.

Estimation / Expertise

You will benefit from objective valuations of your properties, taking into account not only objective criteria but also the values used for similar transactions.